This is information on a new marketing service for you!!!


Your broker has added your office listings onto 中文 , New York’s #1 Chinese-language real estate search engine.

We thought it would be a good idea to give you some basic info about the new free tools that you have at your disposal. Call me at 516-441-7988 if you have any questions.

*Free Chinese Websites for Agents!*
YOUR LAST is your Chinese website, with all of your current and past listings.

*Free Chinese Open House Flyers!*
On a desktop computer, Go to your website, and click on an active listing. On the right side, press the gray print button to create your free flyers! Keep a few of these flyers handy, in case the buyer only speaks/reads Chinese.

*Free Chinese translation + search engine!*
Any new listings you have will be translated and entered into our Chinese real estate search engine at

Free Chinese-language Website for all Agents (Samaki Profile)

  • This is a great tool for when you need to interact with Chinese-speaking home buyers and sellers. Your website displays your contact information and your current listings, plus any past listings that you have sold…all in Chinese. Review the “General Tips” section on the bottom of this email, for tips on how to best use your new website.

Free Open House Flyers in Chinese!

  • Potential buyer wants to see one of your listings? Keep a few of these flyers handy, in case the buyer only speaks/reads Chinese.
  • To obtain your flyer, go to your desktop computer, then go to your website, and select an active listing. Simply press the print button on the right, and the website will create and print out your Chinese-language listing flyer!

Free listing translation 

  • We will automatically add and translate any listings that you have in MLS and add them into’s search engine. We do all the work, so you don’t have to do anything.
  • Your listings displays your picture, name,  contact information, and your profile link. Don’t worry, no extra fee is charged.
  • Any private listings will have the addresses and street maps hidden.
  • Any 1-family listing that you have that is > $1,000,000 will also be placed in the “Luxury homes” section
  • Any upcoming residential open houses will also be placed in the “open house” section.
  • Your contact info will always be displayed on your listings. However, if you (and/or your co-listing agent) cannot speak Chinese, then we will also give the option to randomly find an agent from within your office who can speak Chinese. This is to prevent confusion when Chinese-speaking home-buyers call you directly, and you are unable to understand each other.
    • Do you have a Chinese-speaking agent at your office, whom you would prefer to take your calls? Reply to this email and give us their info, and we will only choose him/her as your “Chinese language contact”

General Tips

  • Give out your website (YOUR LAST during open houses! If a Chinese-speaking homebuyer visits your open house, you now have something to give them. This is especially useful if you have multiple properties for sale, and you want to show them more houses in your inventory.
    • Place your new website on any flyers or business cards that you have, call us to get a translation of your website.
  • Go to profile page and print out your open house flyers! Keep them handy, in case you run into any Chinese speaking homebuyers/sellers, especially during open houses.
  • Only listings that are entered into MLS will show up on the website. Keep your MLS information up to date.

Jim Anabwani
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